Medyglobal America is an independent affiliate of the highly respected Medyglobal International brand based in Spain. Medyglobal Spain was founded in 2011 and is known worldwide for its groundbreaking manufacturing work in tools and solutions for the fields of plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetics, and more. Though independently owned and operated, Medyglobal America enjoys a special affiliate relationship with Medyglobal International – giving our clients direct access to leading-edge technology and science, with a strong foundation in clinical research and development, and rigorous testing for safety and efficacy.

Medyglobal America was founded in 2018, with headquarters in Miami, serving the entire U.S. with a complete range of services and products for discerning physicians. Since our founding, we have held ourselves to an exacting criteria for success.

Our Mission

Better Results Made Easier

Medyglobal America understands that no two patients, and no two practitioners are exactly alike. That’s why we put the same advanced science into our entire line of PDO products. Now, you can choose from a number of equally innovative, highly proven tools and techniques that fit your own personal style and the individual needs of your patients.